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Key of Life Book by Ortrun Franklin

Key of Life (Integrating Ancient Truths into the Modern World), is a compilation of articles written for Star Magazine’s by contributing writer, author Ortrun Franklin.  She has been a student of spiritual/metaphysical teachings and the ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools for over forty years. Her travel to Egypt plus utilizing meditation has connected her with past lives in Egypt. She shares her knowledge as an Esoteric Egyptologist, Coptic Minister, and founder of Key of Life – The Mystery School.
In Key of Life, Ortrun gently leads you into discovering who it is you truly are. She shares glimpses of her life as examples on how to connect with Spirit through meditation and intertwining ancient truths into daily life. Her intent is for the reader to recognize the connection of outer life experience with inner knowing, all the while more fully understanding that they are part of the WHOLE.

Reading Key of Life will enhance your life experience and assist you in spiritual growth.


Mystery School Experiences
During the ancient Egyptian times, seekers sacred path to higher Ascension took place in the Mystery Schools. The Ahnk or key of life unlocked the door of inner consciousness: the mysteries started to unfold; the sun rose, the waters gently washed away the veil of the sands of time; wisdom and understanding surfaced, awakening them to their fully realized self (the Sahu). The personal temple initiations occurred while in guided meditation. While in their sacred inner temple, they connected with the temple’s energies, met with their guides and masters and experienced personal liberation.

2019 Introduction to Meditation
All arcane religions and philosophies taught meditation. It was the first of many disciples the initiates learned. All external activity was taken within to experience deeper understand of the outer. The level of meditation that an adept was able to reach determined their titles. The articles in this book lend themselves to meditation. For this reason, I introduce this book with meditation. This chapter can be a review for adepts and for the initiate, it can introduce them in understanding the what, why and how to of meditation.

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Key of Life - Mystery School Experiences

Ortrun Franklin

Ortrun Franklin is the Founder of "Key of Life, Meditation Experience",  Master Initiator of the "Key of Life: The Mystery School" class series; student of the writings of Hamid Bey (a seven ring Master of an Egyptian Mystery School); and a Coptic minister. She co-hosts a monthly Podcast through The Temple Within Media, entitled "Earth's Ascension" click here.
Ortrun's  area of expertise is meditation and  considers it "her way of life." She is an international presenter and sets the tone with her opening meditations at Spiritual/Metaphysical conferences in all of North America; plus,  facilitates seminars, workshops and lectures . She is the author/presenter/recorder of numerous professional meditation/visualization CD’s, which deal with healing self and the planet. The titles of her CD’s are; Stairway to Higher Ascension, Pyramid Light Initiation, Sakkara Healing Meditation and World Peace through Individual Freedom Meditation.  They are channeled by Spirit. The combination of music and her melodic voice is a gift to the world, which brings about serenity, wholeness and sense of total union with the One.
 Ortrun has the ability to tune in to the Higher Realm (the Masters, Guides, Angels Teachers and loved ones).  In order that all her offerings come from the highest,  she invokes the presence of  her I AM and the I AM of the  individual with whom she works.    She is trained in  Reiki healing, on-hands healing, emotional release, spirit release and placement, crystals, oil and flower essences, dowsing and numerology. With the guidance of her Spirit Family, these learnings are incorporated in her  personal services: Spiritual Divination Readings, Chakra Clearing and Balancing, Disembodied Spirit Release and Intuitive Counseling. Schedule an appointment for one of her Intuitive Services click here

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What is life, what is death?
Life’s many challenges, what do they mean?
We laugh, we cry, we wonder why?
Life is perfection, death is perfection.
Flow with the stream and understand."
..... ORTRUN .....

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