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Our Spiritual Ascension

"If you ever get a chance to see and hear Carl and Ortun in person that's the absolute BEST experience you could have because you'll walk away more enlightened and with fond memories of these two wonderful people.  But the next best thing is listening to one of their CD's.  Whenever I'm having a bad day or feel that I need an extra boost to connect with Source, I pop in one of their CD's and just sit back and relax.  It's great and you'll be soothed and comforted in the most peaceful of ways.  Of course I highly recommend buying all of them!"

…Cheryl from Fruitport, Michigan


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Spiritual Ascension Workshops
Workshops offered:
An evening workshop; a 4 to 6 week, 2 hour workshop series; or, a day long work shop can be designed. With a series, more can be gained by attending all the sessions, although, it is not required since the sessions do stand alone. Contact us regarding questions, designing and scheduling  workshop in your area.
THE ASCENSION PROCESS WORKSHOP  - In this workshop, we will tie our past to our present, then, to our future.
  • The Ascension—The what and why of it
  • The Awakening – Earth changes, photon belt, etc.
  • The Ending and the New Beginning- what to expect and when
  • The Long term affect – Our Journey home.  
Do you feel time has speeded up?  Are you having unexplained things happening in your physical body?  Do you feel that something of magnitude is about to happen?  Is our world moving beyond the 3rd dimension?  What is the Ascension Process all about?  Have others gone through the Ascension process?  Is all of this tied to the prophecies of 2012? 
We'll take a look at our history as it goes back 500,000 years. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions of consciousness will be explained. We’ll talk about the coming ending of an age; the transformation period we are now in; the coming 5th dimensional age and the long term journey that will take us back home into the heart/mind of the Creator. Contact us about presenting this workshop.  back to top
SPIRITUAL METAPHYICS WORKSHOP  – This workshop is an overview of various Spiritual/Metaphysical topics, such as: Auras; Ours multi-dimensional self; Inner earth beings; Healing; Divas; Creating with Thought; Channeling; Dowsing; Entity placement; Indigo/Crystal Energies; Past Life Regression; Spirit Guides; The Angelic Realm; The Ascension Process. Choose from the various topics listed under Classes offered. Contact us about designing and presenting this workshop. Contact us about presenting this workshop.  back to top
5TH DIMENSIONAL CHRISTIANITY WORKSHOP --- Working, primarily, with the Bible and the Urantia Book we will identify the lower 3rd Dimensional beliefs that make up much of today’s Christian faith. We will identify the Biblical 5th Dimensional teachings that are largely overlooked. Thus, we’ll end up with 5th Dimensional Christianity. The series will is informative, interesting and stimulate lots of thought and discussion. Expect some growth in your basic beliefs.
Topics Covered:
  1. GOD-The evolving concept of who/what God is as He is portrayed in the Bible;
  2. A new look at Adam and Eve, Original sin, Lucifer, and judgment;
  3. JESUS-Who is He? Why did He come? The 2nd Coming;
  4. Who are we? Why are we here? Where did we come from? Where are we going? What’s happening to us now? Are we in the end times?  
This workshop may be presented as a 4 weeks series or a one day. Contact us about presenting this workshop.  back to top
THE URANTIA BOOK WORKSHOP-- Urantia is the name by which our planet Earth in known by those in the Spirit Realm. The book is channeled from the Spirit Realm.  It has 4 parts and 2200 pages. This is one of the highest levels of information we have on the planet about the 4 areas listed:
  1. Who is God!
  2. The Creation of the Multi Universes;
  3. The evolution of life, culture, religion and government on planet Earth;
  4. Jesus- who was he before he came here; a year by year dairy of his first 30 years; a day by day dairy of his 3 years of ministry.
This workshop may be presented as a 4 week series or a one day. Contact us about presenting this workshop. back to top 
References available upon request.
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What is life, what is death?
Life’s many challenges, what do they mean?
We laugh, we cry, we wonder why?
Life is perfection, death is perfection.
Flow with the stream and understand."
..... ORTRUN .....

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