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Our Spiritual Ascension

"We had the honor of having a Metaphysical (Life Script) Reading by Carl Franklin.  The experience was informative, enriching and broadening.  Carl is truly gifted.  He gives you his complete attention and focus while reading and answers all questions to the best of his ability.  Having been on this journey for a number of years, we have availed ourselves of the talents of many Metaphysical interpreters, to our experience Carl is among the very best.  One can sense his connection to spirit and the purity and intensity with which he serves humanity.  We attend as many workshops, lectures and seminars as we possibly can where Carl and Ortrun are affiliated.  We feel blessed to have met them and have benefited greatly from their insights and counsel."

...Sal and Joyce Manfre, Bradenton, FL

"Carl and Ortrun helped my husband and I create a wedding ceremony that represented both of us, our spirituality, and our love for each other.  We were both stressed about wedding planning when we met with them, and by the time we left, felt much more centered and focused on creating our vows and tailoring them to be unique for us.  The ceremony was very spiritual (which was very important to me) and we received many compliments on diffferent parts of the ceremony.  It was wonderful to have both the male and female energies represented by having both Carl and Ortrun perform the ceremony." -Jennie and Marc


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Spiritual Ascension Services
LIFE SCRIPT READINGS by Carl $125.00 (in person or by phone)  Before anyone comes into the physical earth plane, the individual must state their purpose for being upon the planet. Much time and effort is then put into writing the script for this lifetime. When you were born, you left your memory behind. In a Life Script Reading, you with the assistance of Carl, enter the temple holding the Akashic Records  which holds your script. Together, you will take a look at what is written.  This brings into your consciousness the growth you are here to attain and the service you are here to give. You can then evaluate what you have already completed and what you have yet to do.
**In addition, you will be checked for Crystal/Indigo energy, how many Guides/ Masters are over lighting you, how much time you are  spending in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions of awareness, and how balanced  you are (masculine/feminine and head/heart). Family members can be checked for Crystal/Indigo energy without being present. Contact us about scheduling an appointment for this service. back to top.

SA-KA-RA (From Son to SUN) Soul Healing by Ortrun - $110.00 (in person or by phone)  Are you ready to live life connected to Heaven and Earth? If you are, ask yourself the following questions: Are you feeling stuck? Are life's problems repeating themselves over and over again? Are you unable to tap into your creative forces, your Divinity or move forward on your Ascension journey?  If you answered YES to any of these questions, it is time to engage in a Soul Healing Session with Ortrun. Your chakras will be checked for which are functioning in their totality and which are not. Ortrun, along with your Guides, Masters and Angels under the watchful eye of your I AM presence will be directed to be the conduit to channel energies to the stuck energies that need to be removed and renewed. Your Divine Healing Master walks into your chakras, evaluates and decides what is no longer of service to you. The Healing Master hands these old energies to the Healing assistants. who alchemically cleanse and transmuted the no longer needed energies into the perfect vibration for you. The new energies are then placed back into the vacant space from which it was taken. Once all your 144,000 chakras (major, minor or sub) are cleared, your aura is balanced and aligns  with your Soul. Your Authentic Self (Sahu) comes forth. You will be renewed and refreshed with a knowing of who it is that You Are. With this new level of empowerment and recognition of potential, you are equipped to create your Heaven on Earth.  Contact us about scheduling an appointment for this service. back to top  

SA-KA-RA  "REN" (Sacred Name Interpretation)   $95.00 (in person or by phone) Create HEAVEN on Earth by aligning yourself with the energies of “REN”. What is SA-KA-RA? SA-KA-RA means from “Son to SUN” or from human to Divine.  What is REN? REN is the ancient Egyptian word for Sacred name. At the time of your birth, you are given your REN (Inner) Sacred name. Numerological interpretation of your outer name reveals qualities you brought to earth to assist you in walking your outer path more easily. REN pulsates steadily within your Soul to awaken you to higher consciousness. Learning the deeper meaning of your outer and Inner name awakens an understanding of the vibratory frequencies that You are and clarifies your purpose upon planet Earth. A SA-KA-RA “REN” Interpretation assists you in walking your Ascension Path in a balanced manner.  (Provide First Name)

SPIRITUAL DIVINATION READINGS by Ortrun - $95.00 (in person or by phone) Ever wondered who it is that you truly are? What lies ahead for you? What about relationships, work, finances and life's purpose? What Guides/Angels surround you? What are your special gifts? Find out by entering into a Spiritual Divination Reading. By calling upon the assistance of your Spiritual family and guides, we will tap into the guidance of your Higher Self. With this guidance, you gain new insight and understanding.  You can then integrate this awareness into your daily life. Bring your questions! The Answers Await! Contact us about scheduling an appointment for this service. back to top.

DISEMBODIED SPIRIT PLACEMENT by Carl  - $95.00 (in person or by phone) Approximately, twenty five percent of the people that die do not complete the death process by going through the Tunnel of Light which leads to the Heavenly (astral) plane. They are stuck on the earth plane without a physical body. They often attach to people or places. If they attach to people, they accentuate what has attracted them. In Carl’s experience, all people who are; addicted, with the exception of tobacco; diagnosed mentally ill; or emotionally disturbed have entity attachments. There is no cure until these entities are removed. Ortrun and Carl have been given the gift of intercession to call upon the Angels to lead these entities through the Tunnel of Light. This frees both the entity and the one to whom the entity was attached. Usually, immediate change is noted in the person who had these entity attachments. Contact us about scheduling an appointment for this service. back to top.

SPIRITUAL/PERSONAL MENTORING by Ortrun or Carl (Established clients only) – $95.00 (in person or by phone)  We are Spiritual beings having a human experience. The purpose of Spiritual Coaching is to: 1. connect you with your spiritual nature; 2. clear blockages; 3. open chakra and energy centers; 4. develop intuition; 5. communicate with Spirit Beings which over light you; 6. merge with the Higher aspects of yourrself; and 7. expedite the Ascension process.  Personal Mentoring  focuses on the area of relationship, self worth, etc.  In this session, the individual taps into their faith and beliefs,  recognizes his/her potential and becomes aware of the tremendous support that is given to him/her from the higher realm.  With this new awareness, the individual  goes forth into the world empowered, ready to call upon his/her Spirit family to guide them through whatever life may bring.      Contact us about scheduling an appointment for this service. back to top

PAST LIFE REGRESSION by Carl- $125.00  (in person or phone)  At times, there is a need to look further than what techniques are used in Spiritual/Personal counseling. Past Life Regression is helpful when no other method has enabled an individual to resolve situations in their lives. Great insight and understanding can be gotten by reviewing, resolving and leaving behind certain traits and dispositions that no longer are valid in this lifetime. Contact us about scheduling an appointment for this service. back to top

PERSONAL HEALING by Ortrun - $95.00  (in person or by phone) Various healing techniques are integrated. She channels “universal life force energy”, also called “prana” or “chi” and calls upon the assistance of the Angels, guides and Ascended Masters. The energy is directed to the appropriate divas in your body (physical, mental and emotional) causing healing and balance to occur. Another techniques used is to call upon your Over lighting Spiritual beings. Your vibration is raised to the high 5th dimension or lower 6th dimension. Illness and disease can not exist in these high vibrations. The body returns to its natural state of full health. Jesus healed in this way. Illness and disease could not exist in his auric field, since it was high 5th dimensional. Contact us about scheduling an appointment for this service. back to top

NUMEROLOGY work up and Translation by Ortrun- $145.00 11/2 hr. (in person or by phone) Full birth name and birth date must be supplied when scheduling this service.  Did you know that your name and birthday play a significant role in your life? Analyzing the numbers that correlate with your name and birth date reveals; challenges, potentials and gifts that you brought into this life, plus, vibrational freqencies running throughout your lifetime. The Reading establish your unique numbers and translation of your numbers.   In addition, pendulum divination can give answers to additional questions. With the new insights gained, different choices and directions can be taken to bring about peace and harmony in your existence. Contact us about scheduling an appointment for this service. back to top

WEDDINGS AND RENEWAL CEREMONIES--BAPTISM AND NAMING CEREMONIES--FUNERALS AND CELEBRATION OF LIFE CEREMONIES– Create beautiful memories with your unique ceremony. Carl and Ortrun have been performing ceremonies for over 40 years (each). They meet with the individuals, explore their needs, give suggestions and create the perfect ceremony for them. At most ceremonies, both Carl and Ortrun officiate. The unique feature that this brings to the ceremony is the balance of masculine and feminine energies. Contact us to plan the perfect ceremony. back to top

 WORSHIP SERVICES AND CEREMONIES – Carl and Ortrun each have numerous years of being guest presenters at Worship Ceremonies, many of them being held at Coptic Fellowship functions and Unity churches. As guest presenters, they often combine their talents. Ortrun, attunes into her inner guidance, allows Spirit to flow as she melodically guides the meditation/ visualization taking the individual to a place of Peace and At-one-ment. Carl, guided by his Higher Essence, presents Inspirational words which are filled with power and wisdom.   Contact us about being a guest presenter at your service. back to top
References available upon request.
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